Greetings people of God, my name is Kishan Dhawotal from Mauritius, this is my testimony. The lord guided me to this IPN and I will tell you that I have not regretted since. I was looking for a place where I could be taught how to be a Prophet because I was an anointed man of God but I didn’t know much about my ministry but I was always willing to learn and to be mentored.

I remembered Power Prophet Eagle launched a 21 days fasting for those who wanted to see and operate deeper in the prophetic realm and did not miss the opportunity. Many prophetic words were spoken to me and I am starting to see the manifestation of them gradually. By enrolling in this school you will only go from strength to strength and grow mighty in your calling. Whether you are called as a Prophet, a Prophetic Pastor, an Evangelist or a Teacher, you will never regret being part of this family and vision. I hope to see on the other side. God bless you, shalom.
Kishan Dhawotal
Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! My name is Lady Rev. Patricia Jamina. I want thank the Lord for connecting me to IPN. By the grace of God, in July 2019, I came across Prophet Eagle’s ministration on an other platform. The word preached that day touched my heart that I decided to follow him immediately. Eventually I was added to his IPN platform.

Since I joined this WhatsApp group, the daily Word Ministration, Prayers, Teachings, Proptic Words, Healings that take place in the lives of people (in the group) has blessed me so much that I’ve decided to permanently become a member of his ministry.

With the Hand and Grace of God upon my life through the prophet has given me the opportunity to also Preach, Lead Prayers and Teach on the platform all to the Glory of God Almighty. I thank God for leading me to this great man of God. I know and believe God has great things for me to do in His kingdom in Jesus mighty name, Amen!
Lady Rev. Patricia Jamina
Cote D'Ivoire
For me IPN has been nothing but a blessing to me. My name is Joseph kavhumbura. I’m a Zimbabwean residing in Zambia. When I first joined the network I was very weak in prayers.

I realised there were many Anointed people on the platform which made it difficult for me to fit as I was very intimidated. But through God’s love shown by the participants (on the platform), I managed to fit in the family and the testimonies I heard made me realize God had connected me to the right network.

When God wants to bring change in your life he connects you to your assigned helper. Mine was through IPN. I realised a significant shift in my life. Prayer has never been so enjoyable, nothing matters in life than just to know God is in you and He is with you. I thank God for the founder of the network, Prophet David. Papa, you were born for such a time. Thank you and God bless you.
Joseph kavhumbura
Gracefully, I have been part of the IPN for a little over a year now. The teachings of the word of God is phenomenal, light is brought to bear on our paths, wisdom and directions are always gleaned from the entrance of God’s word. In Acts 4:33, the scriptures say, “And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all”.

I must admitted that this portion of scripture manifest practically everyday in our meetings. For me ,being part of this ministry is a positive addition to my life. I extend a hand of fellowship to you to come feast on the word of Grace we partake. God bless you.
Genenieve Mensah
Hello Saints, I joined IPN around September 2019, after meeting the power prophet on other platform where he was invited to Minister.

My life is far much better since I joined this amazing group and I believe God himself arranged our meeting with the power prophet so that he could be used to change my life. With great teachings, accurate prophecies, powerful prayers and many more. IPN is the best Christian platform I’ve seen this far. My life is changing everyday, I’m becoming more prayerful, I’m being helped to embrace my calling and I’m becoming courageous to face the future with greater certainty knowing that God is ahead of me. EL-GIBBOR, IPN!!!!! LOYALTY TO GOD, LOYALTY TO THE VISION
Aida Malipa
Hello everyone, I’m Evang. Emmanuel Venn from Sierra Leone. I want to testify of the Lord’s doing in my life through the servant of the Lord Prophet David Eagle. Ever since I met him online through the International Power Network (IPN) my eyes have been opened to new dimension of operation in the prophetic ministry as I have been longing for.

His teachings, preachings, trainings and prophetic ministrations has imparted my life to the highest order and I must say I have not regretted knowing him since early 2019 till date. Indeed he is called a father to raise many prophetic children and am so proud to be one of those. If there is any place I should recommend for training into the prophetic ministry it will indeed be the El-Gibbor School Of The Prophets.

Prophet David Eagle may God continue to mightily bless you and keep you for your good work sowed into the lives of many. Am grateful to God for you Sir. God richly bless you!
Evang. Emmanuel Venn
Sierra Leone
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